Too perfect for the human eyes
I saw Ville Valo the other day at a HIM show and fainted!
by =D. July 10, 2008
Lead singer/songwritter/vocalist of the band called H.I.M. Started out as the basist, but the lead singer quit so he became the lead vocalist.

He's one of the most beautiful guys ever, inside and out. He's very nice with his fans and good manners.

He's also very good friends/drinking buddy with Bam Margera. He's appeared on the show Viva La Bam a couple of times as a guest and also on Radio Bam. Has a girlfriend name Jonna, who he broke up with but he's back together with her again. He's been very famous for years in Finland and other countries outside teh U.S., but now he has a huge american fanbase thanks to Bam Margera promoting the band every chance he gets, basically saying the same things over and over.

He also suffers from asthma eventhough he smokes alot, and became an alcoholic when he went on tour to Japan and other places because he couldn't sleep and the pressure and stuff.

He used to work at his father's sex shop when he was younger. But all in all he's a very nice and funny guy. He created the heartagram when he drew it on a piece of napkin. Also created the term love metal.

He wrote his first song when he fell in love with a girl who was dating one of his best friends.
Ville Valo always has time for his fans.
by Bea-chan September 18, 2006
The frontman of the Finnish band HIM. Ville is sweet, a wonderful singer, charming, And I have to admit that he's the hottest guy that is ever going to exist lol, he plays the drums and Bass guitar. His lyrics will make you begging for more and never want to stop listening to his words that are so beautiful. He touches my heart and probably many other's hearts out there too.
I will always love you Ville Valo.
by villevalo2 June 27, 2006
hmmmmmmmmm i love love love ville
hes so hot oh my got
i want to put him around finger so he's always with me wherever i look
by nanananaa June 21, 2004
The first and possibly last gorgeuos God
music is my god my best friend
by saz May 21, 2004
God's gift to Mankind.
Girl #1-"Who's that?"
Girl#2-"God's gift to Mankind."
Girl #1-"Who?'
Girl #2-"Ville Valo."
by Mrs.MadHatter February 17, 2010
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