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prettiest man since Davey Havok.

a Finnish term related to sex.
you'll never be as pretty as Ville Valo.
by Jackie Starks August 12, 2004
58 20
He is the man every women wants, hes sexy, great at what he does, and with one look in to his eyes, he can reduce any women in to a 15 year old girl.
There’s a flame that leads all souls astray No one’s safe from its tender touch of pain Everyday it’s looking for new slaves To celebrate the beauty of the grave We are like the living dead Sacrificing all we have For a frozen heart and a soul on fire
by Nicole April 17, 2004
44 8
ville valo is free-spirit.
...never close enough to his flame.
I adore his voice.
Nothing I desire more than a late nigth converstion till the morning arise, and i don't mean sexs, ladies.
by sky March 21, 2004
60 25
The main thing Ville Valo's about is the music. Nothing else. He's the one behind the music. He writes the music all by himself. That's the reason why I cherish him the way I do. Talking about his eyes or lips or hips or whatever is so unnessecary. No-one would give a fuck about him if he wouldn't look the way he does. That's sad. Ville Valo succeeded in playing live and record albums with his also very talented friends. I love the music as itself.
Love's Violent Tune From Me To You Rips Your Heart Out And Leaves You Bleeding With A Smile On Your Face...
by ~Anna~ May 07, 2005
42 8
A lovely Finn who fronts rock band HIM. Much better looking than Dani Filth, and Johnny Depp. Name translates as William Light.
I'm Ville Valo, and you're watching Kerrang.
by SoL'Aki Hakala-Ylönen October 23, 2004
42 8
hot finnish sex with a side of sensitivity= one delicious rock star!

i am not just a love sick teenager *well i guess i am* but he is the kind of man women flock for and they do flock for him! and for H.I.M.
Ville Valo is in my bed! YES!
by joined ville in death December 03, 2004
44 11
an alomst impossibly good looking, sexy man, brilliant song writer, and just amazingly talented, one look, and you just fall in love with this man
i wanna have ville valo's babys
by sweet_666 July 20, 2004
44 11