The most beautiful creature that exists. Wonderful eyes, wonderful body and fuckin' beautiful voice!!!
"Take care, sweethearts" - Ville Valo
by theteh February 07, 2004
New Age Jim Morrison,Poet,Artist,Beautiful ,Can use many of his Lyrics to describe him,Good Mannered,Polite,Sexy,The beggining of my End.
"Just one look into your look and Im ready to die, cause your so beautiful."
by Erin February 22, 2005
Finnish for: Do me now
I'm longing for your touch and I welcome your sweet
six six six in my heart
by RazorGirl September 03, 2004
trying to describe him is really hard but ; cute and sexy at the same time , skinny as hell but still looking so sexy! why? cuz he dresses so cool. beautiful deep-looking eyes, a lil' nose, mouth-watering lips.. nice tatooes on nice places :-) , writes beautiful, touchy songs, drinks too muck , smokes too much , i don't know his personality but his songs are enough to be in "love" with him, though probably he wouldn't be a good boy-friend but hell who cares. we can still love him from distance (unfortunately )
he is the perfect man to think about and then cry...
by derya-suomesta August 25, 2004
Pure enchanting charisma. Beautiful eyes that strike a spear straight through your heart. A creature that leaves your soul seeking his mystique and asking for seconds.
Ville Valo telling stories about beautiful women while drinking his liquor and ever so endlessly breathing that smoke like pure oxygen while singing his ballads with his own grace.
by nxvnm December 04, 2004
face of an angel
heart scorned by a demon

a beacon that will shine in my heart, and rock n rolls for all of time.
666 kisses to all who read this
Söisin mieluummin salmiakkia
by Elena hulme April 27, 2004
A beautiful Amadeo, not of this world.
A drop of your blood tastes like wine
by scaremetodeath May 06, 2004

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