Ville - tall, slender, green eyed monster that disturbs our dreams with the promise of love and seduction that lies just out of our reach.
Valo - meaning light. Our light in the darkness when all else seems lost, his voice lifts us up and gives us hope.
The only true example can be experienced in the flesh.
by Pamela July 06, 2004
Finnish Sex-Rock-Metal-GOD.
by Cc May 21, 2004
The most perfect creature to ever walk the earth. The voice that could make angels cross over to the dark side. Beautiful, soft, sensual, full lips that you would die for. You would die for HIM.
No words can describe the beauty that is ville valo.
by vick July 25, 2004
mr sexy; yum
just look at him!
by jess April 21, 2004
what all women desire. The ultimate soulmate!
Oh girl we are the same, we are strong and blessed and so brave
by Noble Princess May 03, 2004
undeniably an extremely talented, extremely gorgeous frontman for the band, His Infernal Majesty. Hailing from Finland, a land of undeniable coolness, he is truly a work of art. When you encounter this fellow, you want to high five his parents and thank them for doing it. see: gorgeous, delicious and arousing
Look at Ville Valo. What a lovely hat Ville has on today. I wonder if Ville Valo is planning on removing his clothing today?
by Shari Yagvan-Valo June 18, 2004
A Finnish phrase meaning "sex on toast"
Hey, isn't that guy Ville Valo?
by Becky July 11, 2004

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