the only one that could break your heart,and leave you asking for more.
"...keep on pretending,it wont be the end of a craving..."-ville himself
by burning_aries June 13, 2004
A Sex God, with the most extreamly sexy eyes and lips, with the sexiest fuckin body in the entire world.
Shadows and
Brilliant Highlights

Your Pretty
Face is going
To Hell
by Elise Margera May 05, 2004
Finnish devilishly delicious rock star God of darkness and light. The most sensual and beautiful lyricalist, songwriter and singer ever. The sexiest, most charming, mst romantic and best looking man in rock music beholding smouldering eyes and dark vampire looks to make you swoon. The creator of Love Metal.
"The world was on fire and no-one could save me but you, Now I wanna fall in love with you"
by Jennifer April 09, 2004
the ultimate could spend a lifetime gazing at him and still thirst for more
the world was on fire, no one could save me but you...
by tara August 27, 2004
A Sex God with most amazingly sexy green eyes and the sexiest body in the world.

Some people say he's my hero, but that doesn't describe how much more he actualy is.
Your Love is a Razorblade Kiss
Sweet as the taste from your lips
by Valo May 05, 2004
Meaning: Damn sexy Finnish god
the fact that we all want him
by cat December 08, 2004
A man so beautiful that it makes me cry. The most perfect creation of God. His voice is to die for.
No one will love you, no one will love you the way I do. No one will love you, love you... like I do.
by Loving Ville Forever March 10, 2004

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