u got it all wrong, villanova got the best mens basketball team last year seeded 1st and 2nd throughout the last two years. foye, nardi, sheridan, lowry, sumpter, ray, dats wut its all about. dats wat nova's famous for.
villanova university has heart.
by Celest January 15, 2007
Top Definition
a private university where academics come second only to looking good. Girls are gorgeous, guys are bangin. students live off their parents, but how else do you expect them to go tanning, shop at saks, or put gas in the little bmw?
"i heard he's the next brad pitt"
"oh, he must got to villanova"
by novabeauty May 10, 2005
Vanilla Nova...the whitest richest school in PA
VU kids are as white as vanialla wafers
by JMUer March 28, 2005
a very expensive cult
I couldn't afford Villanova, so I joined Heaven's Gate.
by Mr Ibanez August 22, 2004
School where people spend tons of money to go to try and look smart, but everyone knows you could've gotten just as good of an education at LaSalle, Drexel, or St. Joes or hundreds of other schools for much less.
Damn, I shouldn't have wasted all my money on that average Villanova education...
by DUPHIL July 14, 2005
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