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complete condescension, implying simplicity
Chris you are such a villager
by kunal April 29, 2003
A poor needy person that needs charity. A villager is any dirty poor person in your town that makes you cringe and makes your heart bleeds for them.

The appearance of a villager will usually be mangy, dirty, scummy, whatever you'd like to call it.

Some villagers may try to do themselves up with thier second hand clothes but they arent fooling anyone..
You can still tell they're a villager.
that villager's dad dosen't work and the whole family smells garbage.
by buckethead93 April 23, 2010
A person,from a remote part of Castleknock.Who always wears Hollister,Abercrombie & Fitch or Caterbury and is posh.They also might say BOSH alot
1.Dem Villager(s) are posh wankers.
2.Did you see the Villager(s) today? Hollister gayboys
by Storyhorse October 18, 2012
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