Dargan Crowley-Long = Village
Dargan you are so village. Go back to Tullow!
by Ducksmasher May 09, 2005
Somebody who is not street. A country boy from somewhere like Carlow/Wicklow. Village is below town, which is below city. You are then street then hood.
Dargan just accept it. Your Village. You live in Tullow!
by D' May 09, 2005
1: a small, mostly self-contained settlement of people, usually with connotations of pre-industrial society.
2: what some say it takes a whole one of to raise a child.
3: what others say it only takes one child to raze.
4: what the same others say it takes the idiot of to have a child.
''It takes a whole village to raise *a* child'? How about a one-child-per-village limit, then?'
by Child Hatter May 08, 2003
Baseball bat + gun = Street
Cricket bat + Guitar = Village
Dargan you are village.
by D' May 09, 2005
Something or someone associated with Greenwich Village in Manhattan (New York City). Basically someone who acts scene but not as hxc or fake.
Wow, your so village.
by ::neato::kiddo:: February 26, 2006

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