Villas in Cyprus(Greek Cyprus Dialect) means the man who has big Villa or Villo (see Villos).
O Loucas eivai poly Villas
by Lambros January 13, 2006
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Fabolous uses Villa to mean home or house
"My babys the only one i bring to the villa"
by Michele January 10, 2005
Short for Villa Duchesne, a cloistered Catholic girls school tucked away in a St. Louis County forest. Students are often referred to as Villa girls; at times this has a negative connontation.
Personally I've always thought that Villa's trademark towers look a lot like those pointy boobs Madonna wore in the early 90s.
How many Villa girls does it take to tap a keg?
Three--one to lose the directions for the keg, one to lose senior room privileges for the entire class, and one to break the tap.
by KB Ryan December 31, 2004
A catholic all girls school in St. Louis county. These girls are the hottest chicks you'll ever meet. A villa girl can do it better ;) Girls from villa are often called villa girls. Rivals- St. Joseph's Academy and Visitation. Sometimes known as: Sluts on Speode or Whores on Four Floors
A villa girl can always do it better (:
by Matty_boy_82 April 05, 2008
Villa can mean anything you want it to mean like "Those were some sweat ass villas'" In this case villa would mean SHOES!
Ya know villa
by HeyRichardWantSomeMcDonalds February 24, 2010
Aston Villa the 41st greatest team of all time
Q.Where are villa in the league at the moment
A.Id rather not say but they are the 41st greatest team in then world
by mulligan November 17, 2003
Also known as Villa Duchesne, an all girl high school tucked away in the amazing Frontenac, St.Louis, Missouri. The babes at Villa have their trademark towers. From being the hottest girls on the street to the most agressive teams on the field to being the smartest girls ever, they are literally the defintion for "the shit"..with Chaminade as their brother school, and being soo much better than their rivals St. Joe and Viz...these chicks are rich, beautiful,smart, athletic, sexy and all around awesome. No party is the same without the Villa girls.

Also known as: Sluts on Speode, and Four Floors of Whores...they have the hickeys to prove it.
Villa has won state more than fifteen times in field hockey, their team is the shit.

CCP GUY 1: Let's have a party dude
CCP GUY 2: Oh yeah
Viz: Can we come
CCP GUY 3: No that would suck
CCP GUY 1: Get the villa girls they are a lot better than viz.
by Grant...a sexy beast. May 29, 2008

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