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Most phenomenal woman ever! Quirky in her own little way! Which adds very much to the incredible person she is. Very sincere open and honest, making her a true and valuable friend! A pleasure to know and have known. If you know a ViKtoria, do not loose this woman! She is a blessing to have in you life! Never a dull moment!and remember Viktoria with a K!
Queen Viktoria! And a beautiful Swedish maiden!
by loulouie February 10, 2010
276 106
A viktoria is a person who is highly unintelligent.

The word is usually used for those who are asking frequently about lame and very easy stuff.
"Sorry, but what is the answer to this question??"
"Well, usually 2 + 2 gets 4. Are you sure you aren't a viktoria?
by FatManGoneWild January 21, 2011
34 172