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Someone or something that is cool, awesome, or hardcore. To be contrasted with hippy.
Oh my god! Did you see that concert? It was totally f-in' viking!
by kalirush May 07, 2006
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by what' a pseudonym? March 30, 2011
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Only the most badass name to ever exist. Only given to men who seem to be wariors. Smarter than shit, and can can beat up anyone except for Chuck Norris. Also drop-dead sexy.
Girl 1: Look at that kid over there, he must be named Viking

Girl 2: Most def

Girl 1: Wanna see if he'll join us for a threesome?

Girl 2: Sure
by DefMaker11111111111 August 16, 2011
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Typically occurring during the summer time, this when one fills his mouth with beer, and proceeds to spit the entire contents into an unprepared victim's face. This action is almost exclusive to when all parties are in bathing suits, and is prevalent at such places as the infamous F-Cove, of Brick, NJ.
"Does Don know what a Viking is?"

"Doubt it."

gulps beer
taps Don on shoulder

turns around

sprays beer from his mouth into Don's face
"You just got Vikinged bitch!"

wipes face
"Are you fucking kidding me?"
by joe1280 May 08, 2011
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Verb- To rape , or pillage as well as any other kind of act a viking would be doing.
Lets go viking that village for its fine bitches
by That sociopathic douche February 26, 2011
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Vikings; deeply unpleasant Scandanavians, with limited culture and bloodlust. If they couldn't steal or shag something they'd smash it. Large numbers settled in Yorkshire and the rest is history. "You can all ways tell a Yorkshire man but you can't tell him much" They are the source of the red hair common on the east coast of Britain and Ireland, particularly Scotland and the North East of England. Possibly the drunkeness there too. Scandanavia is a nice place to visit, if a little quiet, but this is because all their hooligans were dumped in the British Isles in the 10th century
Vikings, Scandanavians, shag, Yorkshire, Britain, Ireland
by weslangdon April 21, 2013
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It is where a team knows how to do something, but they choke.
The vikings choke to the saints, especially because of Brett Favre and Petersen, costing their team a trip to superbowl.

My team choked under pressure during the presentation yesterday
by jimmy jamesss January 25, 2010
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