1. Noun
The Purest Definition of a Barbarian Warrior. Skilled, Brutal, and Masters of Beard-Have. Often waded into the thick of battle drunker than that cheerleader when she blew you at that party, and yet still managing to take down entire football teams of frightened peasants. again, not unlike the cheerleader.

2. Verb
To demolish an individual at something, and proceed to nail their girlfriend.
Dave: Yo, did you see that guy shotgunning entire bottles of vodka and eating a whole roast pig?
Rick: yeah, i saw that.
Dave: Fucking vikings man.

Dave: Yo Rick, you look terrible.
Rick: Yeah, Sven kicked my ass at all the bar games, and then he banged Samantha RIGHT THERE!
Dave: he beat you at Foozball?
Rick: Yeah, i got Viking'd pretty bad.
Dave: damn, how do you feel?
Rick: Irish.
#barbarian #winner #pwn #dropkick #wrestling #god of war #sparta #mongols #vikings
by Robocarnage February 22, 2010
1. Badass and brutal but honest warriors of the early middle ages, originating mainly from Norway, Sweden and Iceland but also partly from Denmark.
Contrary to popular belief, not a single Viking helmet had horns on it. Also contrary to popular belief, the word "Viking" actually refers to the long and perilous sea travels Vikings would take to conquer new land.

2. An (often stupid) act of courage, bravery or machoness.
1. The Vikings were brutal, dude. Before they burned villages and killed babies, they'd eat a bunch of Fly Agarics to make them fearless.

2. The lake had just thawed up, so we all took the Viking and jumped in without checking the temperature. Matt and John got hypothermia.
#warrior #fearless #brave #ninja #mongol
by KG420 March 24, 2009
An extremely large northern european fighting machine, wielding Axe or Sword and at least twice the size of people from other cultures of that era! Vikings were just as much explorers as they were warriors and in fact it was they who discovered America first!

'Northmen' belived to get into Valhalla they must die in glorious battle and would gladly go to war to die!

In Roman times most of the succesful Gladiators were probably from viking and northern bloodlines. !
Arab Trader - Wow who are these beatiful blonde people with big weapons,they are giants better not give them a shit deal abdul!

Viking - Fook deal! We will take it all and your women too! Kill them all!!! and burn the city to the ground!
#north man #giant #noric #norway #valhalla
by Tango169 October 28, 2007
A term used to describe something that is just simply so amazing that you can't contain yourself and other descriptive words such as, 'Awesome, Cool, Wicked and Fantastic' just won't cut it.
#viking #vikings #awesome #a term for awesome #cool #mythology #ridiculous
by Madame Candy November 01, 2010
New slang/street term for: Vicodin.

Usually used by people looking to trade sex for pills.

Also commonly used with the term Molly, as in the pure form of MDMA, or better known as Ecstasy.
A classic example came from a Craigslist post:

Looking for my friend Molly and her Viking friends. We like to hang out in the afternoon, about 40 mins before 5 o'clock. Since I like to party so much I'd like to know who else can come along. Respond and we can go from there.
#molly #viking #vicodin #mdma #ecstasy #exstasy #stacy #stasy #vik #analgesic #hydrocodone #paracetamol
by RoninDH October 08, 2010
One who excels at stuff.
"Oh, boy, sleep! That's where I'm a viking!" - Ralph Wiggum
#pioneer #groundbreaker #badass #ralph #sleep
by Natthew July 26, 2007
Someone or something that is cool, awesome, or hardcore. To be contrasted with hippy.
Oh my god! Did you see that concert? It was totally f-in' viking!
#cool #hardcore #awesome #hippy #wussy
by kalirush May 07, 2006
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