The Vikings usaully follow or believe in Norse mythology, and the warroirs heaven known as Valhalla very firmly. They believe the only way to enter this heaven is through glorious battle or an honorable fight. Strong and skilled warriors a usual concept of belief is they are stupid clumsy barbarians (not the case). A Viking may act dumb but is actually extremely smart, this usually leads they're enemies to believe they are an easy fight, and the outcome is more often the Viking whips the living hell out of them. Calling a Viking male beardless was and is a insult punishable only by death. A Viking usually has a favored weapon such as an battle axe, sword, spear, or bow (a battle axe in my case). Casual dress for a Viking ranges from the old way of dress to a kind of Metalhead dress. Like a metalhead Vikings will not tolerate being insulted or someone that trys to push them around (we are a proud culture). Also they are not just from northern countries.
1.Hes a proud Viking.

2.Oh oh hes got his axe, run for it!

3.Your dead.

by Judas Viking Metalhead May 30, 2006
When the fridge gets raided at a party by drunk and stoned people in search for the munchies.
Oh, a bunch of people went Vikings on our fridge last night.
by jfreeman December 25, 2010
The ancestors to modern scandinavians (swedes, norwegians and danes). Fearsome, blonde and snotty beasts. Enjoyed raping young virgins in firy rituals and wash their face in mewcous in the morning, to get that sweet mint smell.

Scandinavians today always argue over whose country's history is the most vikingish. Norwegians and danes never seem to let go of the fact that they ALMOST had the UK and France, but hey, I'll raise my pint of mead for that, it's true, but Swedes went to Turkey and impressed the king so much he paid them to stay and becoming his personal guard personel. They came to raid but stayed to get paid, is a modern swedish saying. Even today the name "Ragnar" is scribbled in runes in a church in whatever their capital's name is.
The Swedes also went to present russia on the river Volga and formed trade cities along the way which in created what now is Russia, from the old scandinavian word "rus" - the people who lived in russia before the swedes came and became a lot more than the actual "ruses". But that doesn't make swedes communists.

What most scandinavians doesn't know today is that during the viking era all of us spoke the same language and no states the "countries" between were established. Not until later, in the middle-ages, Sweden, Norway and Denmark were born and fights broke out. Especielly between Sweden and Denmark who faught for over 500 years. For some time, the Denmark took over Sweden and vice versa.

When the norwegians and danes want to compete in a vikingish-comparing-contest they always brag about them ALMOST conquering britain and france et. c. but than the aware swedish man points his fingers on the 2.000 rune stones all over Sweden, and laughs at the silly amount of 500 stones found in Denmark and Norway's 200. The world's most "northiest" stone is found on Frösön, Jämtland.

Norway celebrated their liberation from Swedish rule recently this year, 2005. All hail to them, we donät want their filthy oil anyway...

Away with the hatrid, I say. Let's loot Europe again, norwegians and danes!
Sweden kicks ass, Denmark punches it and Norway strokes it
by It'syourdutytoeatyourdoodie June 19, 2005
An all around name for good looking girls from the lands of Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland). Girls who qualify as vikings usually match the stereotypical "hot swedish girl" - that is, very light blond hair, good body and pretty blue eyes. However, any good looking girl with Scandinavian facial features and who is from Scandinavia can qualify as a viking.
man: yo dude, you are not gonna believe it, but i finally got a viking last night!
dude: for real? no way, where is she from?
man: Sweden...
by vmblabla August 27, 2009
'Northmen' hailing from Scandinavia who were well known for their raids of much of Western Europe and other areas. They settled in many non-Scandinavian areas such as Yorkshire (UK), various parts of Scotland, Dublin (Ireland)and Normandy (France) and their effect on these areas is still felt to this day.
Viking: "Odin bids us pace!"

The Jorvik Viking Centre of Yorkshire is a museum that shows the Viking history of Yorkshire.
by Jorvik Raider July 23, 2008
The Vikings were known for there brute strength and there mastery over the sea. They came from Norway and settled in Britain, Iceland, Greenland, and later made settlements in the U.S.A. but they were abandoned. The Vikings invented a boat called the long boat which was used to transport troops all around northern Europe.
The Vikings were easily able to control the northern European countries because of there very well trained warriors.
by George E. April 27, 2007
During the Middle Ages (A.D. 500-1500), fierce warriors called Vikings lived on the Scandinavian Peninsula of northern Europe. The Vikings, a tall people known for their blond hair and blue eyes, were skilled craftsmen and daring seamen. They raided many European nations and explored far out into the Atlantic Ocean.
Around the year A.D. 1000, the Viking Leif Ericson discovered the North American continent. It is believed that the Vikings might have started several little villages at the tip of Newfoundland, an island off Canada's Atlantic coast. Although they did not tell anyone about their discovery, the Vikings were nevertheless probably the second people to discover America.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ November 15, 2010
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