Warriorpeople which were ancestors to toadys scandinavians. Norwegians and Danes counquered northern France and England and Iceland while Swedes and some Finns conquered western Russia and the Baltics. Although most of these raids had vikings from all scandi nations, this was the main composition. And the Norwegian on this site that made the first note: Knulla din mamma.
"I hear that the Vikings are coming, dear?"

"He can´t hear you, I am called Olaf the Berzerker and I chopped his ears off."
by Johan November 25, 2004
Vikings where a group of people from Scandinavia (Mainly Norway, but also Denmark and Sweden) who where most known for their raids conducted on the British Isles, France and other parts of Europe during the 8th to 11th century.

The word 'Viking' is believed to be Old Norse for "Belonging to a Creek" In other words, you might say "That man is a Viking, of the sea, a seafaring person"

The earliest record of a Viking raid is 787 when mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. This would start a period of 200 years referred to as the "Viking Age"

Vikings had a large impact on the areas of Scotland, Ireland, Northen England, France, Spain and even controlling areas of Russia and the Mediterranean.

Viking explorers colonized such places as Shetland, Iceland, Greenland and the famous Newfoundland 1000 A.D.

The decline of Viking Civilization is believed to have been brought about by the introduction of Christianity in the 11th century. The death of their great King, Harald Hardraada in 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge is also a factor, virtually ending all expeditions.

Despite the modern view, Vikings did NOT wear horned helmets. It is believed this view steemed from the Scandinavian Brozne Age (Some 2000 years before) where horned helmets where used in ceremonies.

Norweigan Viking: "Argh! Taste steel dogs!"
Anglo-Saxon soldier: "What do we do? He's got an axe!"
Other Anglo-Saxon soldier: "You idiot, WE'VE ALL GOT AXE'S!"
by Kruegalfang November 17, 2005
The only people who, if you saw them on a twilight hill on the horizon, you would shit your pants and run in sheer terror! Vikings raid, raze, and knit in their spare time. No one has been able to oppose them for long; there are vikings among us-- do not cross us. They bring us cool words like: "beserk" which means "bear shirt", "hauberk" which means "steel shirt".
The Vikings just raided England and conquered Europe. They have bagpipes and know how to use them. Hail to the Vikings!
by God March 19, 2003
A large Norseman who wanders the iced over pagan lands and occasionally comes down from the far north to slaughter Twilight fans.
by Ignatious Rex Maximus Ceasar January 11, 2009
people who originated from scandinavia.known for being feirce wrriors that struck fear into the hearts of men.prefered the axe and were quite skilled in batle with it.the actual discoverers of the new world
vikings were greater fighers than even the spartans
by Lars F. October 28, 2003
Barbarian Zeus Chuck Norris

Terrifying Norse titans.
They're made mostly of beard, mead and DEATH!

Viking activities:

Raping wenches.
The Highland Games.

Closely related to Scotsmen, Spartans and Zeus. They are believed to be descended from the love-child of Chuck Norris and a mountain troll.
Vikings vs. Godzilla = BBQ lizard and alot of designer handbags.
by Igor Headmasher March 01, 2009
The most metal tribe of pagans, fierce and savage, whom although losing the war against christianity eons ago, their descendants still sing about it as if they had won.
"You're just not viking enough." --Kevin Farrell
by Killing Kittens October 22, 2004
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