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To conduct weekly and short technical training programmes and courses on engineering,Project management,mathematical models, Sustainable development,environment and entrepreneurship
Vijayaratnam-foundation,courses on Engineering,mathematics.Project managment,Environment and sustainable development
by ccdc July 08, 2009
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vijayaratnamfoundation: A future weekly and other training of technical personnel in engineering,Project management, mathematical models,environment,sustainable development and entrepreneurship
Vijayaratnamfoundation: Training of Engineers,scientists,technical personnel and others in various relevant courses
by ccdc July 10, 2009
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vijayaatnam foundaton:To conduct weekly and short technical traing programes and courses on engineering,Project Managment, mathematical models,sustainable development,environment and enterpreneurship
vijayaratnam foundation:Courses on engineering,mathematics,management,environment,sustainable development and entrepreneurship
by ccdc July 08, 2009
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