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verb: to viggo, to be viggoed

To be overwhelmed with lust in response to the manly perfection that is Viggo Mortensen. To drool uncontrollably.
I saw "A Walk on the Moon" and I was totally viggoed.

This cute guy walked into the bar and started viggoing this blonde.
by vigwig November 27, 2004
63 11
the hot-ass man that plays the Gondorian King and the cowboy AND that sexy artist dude (A Perfect Murder)See also: viggolicious
Viggo is SO damn sexy!!
by Lor June 30, 2004
93 13
To be a loner, alone.
Stop being so viggo and come down here with us!
by Lehsk February 24, 2005
27 14
to viggo someone - being an annoying smartass who constantly second guesses everything you do, but has only crap to say
(on movie sets) I viggoed my director.
by Baragorn December 28, 2013
1 0

1- middle aged man playing a mortal king

2- one who eats roadkill
Viggo has a huge sword.

Don't ever eat dinner at Viggo's house.
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
23 23
A "scary" man, in the 1740 in iceland there was a mass murderer called but his real name was Fibilvinze Viggó. Viggó is now a name in icelandic and is very common.
Hello my name is Viggó
by Viggó November 01, 2003
4 16
Evil painting man who came to life to envelope the world into another dimension. Bill Murray kicked his butt.
"It's Viggo!"
by Jordon December 11, 2003
4 20