One of the best forms of entertainment.
Parents blame videogames for being a bad influence on children. Yet they can drink,smoke and argue in front of their kids and thats ok?
by ZeroX January 31, 2004
a true test of skill, unless you have it on fuckin easy you nerd!
Nerd: Hey, I just beat Legend of Zelda
Gamer: Who hasnt, motha fucka!
by Jay C October 04, 2003
A program that is more than a form of entertainment. It offers us an escape from the dullness of reality, a place where we can do things we actually can't.
Grand Theft Auto III lets you buy whores, kill them, and get your money back.
by who wants to know? May 20, 2004
The best form of entertainment these days.
People who think that video games cause violence, brainwash people, etc, don't know that they are wrong. Birds are more likely to be bugs.
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
A way to escape, like (see weed). The problems of life slip away, but once reality is back, they hit you in the face like a brick.
mother: why are you on those games all of the time?
son: everything else sucks.
by leah March 29, 2005
1. A side-option to having sexual intercourse.
2. Better than sliced bread.
1. Sherryl said she would have sex with me, but I'm almost finished with Devil May Cry 3 on hard mode!
2. Video games are better than sliced bread.
by JT195 May 23, 2006
the most fun and underrated thing in the world.
Video games aren't gangsta or punk rock, just making that clear.....
by ReaperZero October 08, 2006

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