Interactive games with video and audio. Many video games first created were simple, video games now are very interactive, like the Wii, XB360 and PS3. The definitions for video games/systems on this sight are just fanboys trying to make there company sound cool by saying things like "wii owns XB360 sucks ass and is a waste of money." Why can't we all admit that All video game systems are greaT?
Tom: "Lets go play some video games on the Wii, 360, and PS3."
Jeff: "Yeah because we like them all equally!"
by Jonny Phone March 10, 2007
1) Another alternative to life when it gets shitty.
2) The.Best.Entertainment.In.The.World
3) Something that can ruin your social life, grades in school, and your health. (But you'll say it's worth it.)
1) Skies Of Arcadia
2) Final Fantasy 11
3) Madden 2004
4) Capcom vs SNK 2
by MayGah February 08, 2004
The only form of entertainment besides music that is actually fun and interesting anymore.
I hardly watch TV, but I LOVE video games. :)
by Marco K. May 18, 2010
In the 80s and 90s, video games were about fun and entertainment, but they have now become a nerd version of politics.
video games

Heres a joke:

Q: What do politicians and fanboys have in common?

A: They both can win, but still be retarded.
by Clinker January 24, 2008
A form of electronic interactive entertainment, one that has a considerable amount of history, and one that has gained an incredible amount of world-wide recognition over the years.

However, despite their technilogical evolution, world-wide recognition, and staggering age-spanning consumer rates, video games are still subjected to a variety of stereotypes.

These stereotypes are maintained by those who still harness the mindset that "all" video games are stupid, childish, time-wasting, mentally unbeneficial, or anyone who plays video games is somehow incapable of having a life.

On the contrary, video games in many ways can be more mentally beneficial than any other form of entertainment.

Specific video games can provide god-like creative abilities, have educational values, reduce stress levels, improve hand-eye coordination, stimulate intellectual properties, even make exercise enjoyable thanks to evolved control schemes "Wii Fit".

Delving into the immersive qualities of video games, video games can have very unique relationships with story-telling due to their interactivity.

These include altering the course of the story based on choices, playing as different characters, having multiple endings e.t.c

I could go on forever.

Video games do not only offer entertainment, but unmatched immersive storytelling experiences.
Carlton: Video games are stupid.
Jake: No, that’s just a stereotype, and by today’s standards you couldn't be more false.
by A random individual February 20, 2011
1)The greatest invention ever. 2)The ultimate scape goat. 3)An electronic device worthless lazy parents use in place of watching their children themselves.
by T.A.D. September 16, 2003
A computerized game that is played on a screen. If it weren't for these things, most young guys in America would spend a lot more time masturbating.
I needed an escape from my real-life problems, so I turned on my wii and played video games for awhile.
by Teh goods November 08, 2009

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