When masturbating, the few extra jerks you take after orgasm.
He jerked til he came, but kept going for a victory lap.
by Airplane86 December 29, 2009
Top Definition
When a collegiate student takes more than 4 years to graduate, each consecutive year after the 4th year is considered a to be a victory lap
Hey man, what year are you?

Second year senior, i'm on my victory lap.
by chubaccatron August 22, 2006
1. to give a girl really hot sex and still have enough stamina afterward to give her more
The way that fox in the open-back dress is looking at me, she pretty much has a guaranteed victory lap.
by FightinEngineer February 13, 2011
When someone graduates from highschool only to return for a fifth year.
Guy 1: Dude your still in highschool, I thought you graduated.

Guy 2: Yea I did, but Im on my victory lap.
by Phallic-Man January 27, 2009
When you run around in circles after a great achievement or victory.
Halo, 2v2, score 24 to 24. Oh Snap! He is shooting me badly, I'm in red. I only have one bullet in this stupid sniper, and, HEADSHOT!! I WIN!! ~*victory lap*~ Wow. Alright, I'll calm down now.
by Commielad October 27, 2007
Upon shooting a monster load directly on a partners face, the male uses junk in a clockwise motion to soak up all love juice and insert said junk back into partners pie hole.
Oh man, I can't believe that girl I swooped at the club last night blew me in the bathroom and let me take a victory lap.
by Rick Wisdom July 31, 2011
when a woman performs oral sex to man, once he is finshed ejaculating in her mouth she does a "victory lap" around the mans anus with her tongue. living a trail of semen around the anus.
last erin sucked my dick so good that she decided to take a victory lap.

she does victory laps like jimmie johnson .
by green bee May 11, 2011

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