Verb: what one does to their career Alt: E-Vicked- to get your reputation smashed on the internet. 2. Old English: An old school "Shocker" performed by the Vicker.
e'g. Dude she totally "Vicked" her movie career by flashing her va-Jay-jay to the paparazzi.
by Glenn K (I was Vicked B4) August 26, 2007
Replacement for the specific term KICK as it relates to violence toward a dog when you intend to or actually kill the maingy mutt. May intail a much more brutal death to a dog than a simple kick would deliver.
"That dog came at me foamin' at the mouth, so I had to Vick it."
"If your dog doesn't shut up, I'm going to Vick it. I'm trying to concentrate here. It's not easy playing Madden 2010 with out the use of my favorite quarter back Michael Vick..where is he anyhow???"
by Matthew01Music August 22, 2007
The best. see Michael Vick.
Theismann: "Man, Michael Vick is the best"
MacGuire: "He sure is"
by ESPN April 29, 2004
A verb meaning to kill someone/something by unthinkable means. Killing may be done by electrocution, bodyslamming, hanging, and/or drowning.

PETA loves this word!!!!
(Al): "Hey man, where's your girl been latley? Yall ok?

(Shae): "Hell no dude, I had to Vick that bi*ch."

(Al): "....."
by Big Vanilla August 07, 2007
To kill a dog in the style of Michael Vick.
He soaked the dog in water, electrocuted it, shot it, and broke its spine in half over his knee. Yeah he sure vicked the shit out of that dog.
by NoAffiliation July 26, 2007
un-wanted physical attention from the opposite sex
"did u see him alll over her? he was deffinatly vicking her"

"tina was pissed cuz she was vicked by kenny"
by a true G June 26, 2006
Vick, A curse word similar to bitch. Derived from the player Michael Vick, who now sucks in football because he's a loser, and a dumb-ass who wastes his money fighting dogs. He should be wiped clean of all his money and go work in McDonalds and also get nudered
Bob:Wow! Why would he do that!
Sas: Yea! What a fucking Vick!
by DMRPM August 31, 2007
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