The coolest villain ever, from Cowboy Bebop. Wields a katana and can apparently kill anyone...except for his match, Spike.
"I'm the only one who can keep you alive...and the only one who can kill you."-Vicious.
by Arcanis April 16, 2004
Top Definition
word used to describe something that was extremely awesome.
"Man that goal they scored at the last second was so vicious!
by niggy freshness June 09, 2008
Anythinggg that is fearful and/or capable of causing harm to any other person or thing...? =|
Yo That Boy Looked Hella Vicious
His Feet Looked Vicious
Khari's Hair Was So Vicious My Ass Was Scared To Sit Next to crudd
by Purple Lady and Solid Snake August 13, 2008
To be REALLY freakin' cool. Replacing words like "awesome," and "sick," and "rad."
"Man, that is VICIOUS!"
"Did you see that Holiday poster that they made today? It was so vicious!"
by mediumrare November 30, 2011
hot, dope, tight, cool, bangin, sweet, off the chains
"dog, did you see that vicious air swipe i busted out?"
by Urban Dictionary October 21, 2003
spike's enemy/former partner from the anime cowboy bebop. his weapon of choice is a samurai sword. watch the anime for more info.
"and you will shed tears of scarlet." -session 25: the real folk blues, part 1
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
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