Slang for Miami, Florida. More specifically a term used in relation to Miami's South Beach. An adjective used to describe something that originates or is associated with the city of Miami: usually debauched and fast-lane but usually high-class, sexy and popular.
Dude, forget Orlandon't. The girls and I are going to Vice City for the weekend.

Did you see Cody get knocked out over that coke deal at I/O Lounge. Brosef thinks he's Vice City.

Jamie's shirt is so Vice City it makes me gag.
by billwise05 July 30, 2005
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A game where you can kill cops, murder prostitutes, gun down innocent civilians, cause death and mayhem on large scales with a tank and get away with it.
lets kill a cop, I know we'll play Vice City
by william December 29, 2003
The only game which saddened me to complete, because I never wanted it to end
GTA Vice City will probably go down as the most enjoyable PS2 game ever
by zutroy September 17, 2004
Anything that has to do with the 80's.
Yo, that Pontiac Fiero is so Vice City!
by Lincoln Mafia January 17, 2005
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