a game that is 95% copied off the best movie ever, SCARFACE which is why it is the best game ever
I wish Vice CIty came out on Dreamcast, than i could buy it.
by KEVIN NUTZ December 10, 2003
The hoodest fictional ghetto in Miami, FL where there is alot of criminal activity, prostitution, murder, ETC. Based on the game "Grand Theft Auto".
I'm from San Andreas. you don't know me, ho!
And I'm from Vice City, bitch!
by K.I.C. June 12, 2012
A game I completed over a period of nine days and a total of 16 hours actual playing time.
Completed 97% before I got bored of it 2 weeks later.

But seriously one of the best games ever can't wait for the L.A. version next year......
"Remember me? Tommy Vercetti!"
by Ineedacatscan June 10, 2003
Anything that has to do with guys who are fat hippies and wearing hawaiian shirts
Dude, that Fat hawaiian shirt wearing fuckface is so Vice City!
by allmyghty ChegY August 29, 2006

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