A term used by middle class people to show that they are fascinated and not alarmed by the other. Used in reference to an area which contains people of an ethnicity different to their's. Much like exotic but can be reached by car.
I love living near Green Street, the area is so... vibrant!
by Robat February 05, 2007
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Used by middle-class liberals, mainly women and feminised men, to refer to a run-down crime-ridden area, populated in the main by ethnic minorities where they can buy quirky food items for recipes which usually don't turn out very well.
I simply love visiting this area during the daytime, it's so...vibrant!

I wouldn't like to live here, it's a bit...vibrant...
by John Daimler-Benz July 14, 2010
electricfying, awsome, to good to be true thing
you are such a vibrant girl.
by Anthony10 February 28, 2007
pulsing, throbbing...What is New Orleans on a hot summers night when the moon is full and all is filled with life.
Take a walk through the vibrant French Quarter...Grab your drink and walk..Take a stroll through the night and see what home is all about.
by logface November 19, 2005
1. Really annoying popup ads sometimes seen when web surfing the web.

2. A popup window that appears when you mouse over words that are double underlined. Usually says Vibrant at the top right corner.
Avoid moving the mouse over any double underlined text to avoid seeing vibrant ads.
by ~Camelia~ November 17, 2007

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