(1) The zone you enter or feeling you get when the alcohol starts kicking in. When you have the confidence to walk with a bounce but maintain ability to do so. The point where your 'dance' and 'game' levels reach equilibrium. And you can have fun while maintaining your swag. Beyond tipsy but before drunk.

(2) It may also refer to a couple flirting or a bond/connection between them. Or when a man is making successful moves on a lady.
(1) "I was vibing when I walked into the club" "let's get vibing"

(2) "John and Jane were vibing" "I'm vibing with her"
by The Stagg Man December 27, 2012
Feeling something. Like you would say "feelin' myself", except with an inanimate object.
Like you would say, "I'm feeling this song!", you could say, "I'm vibing with this music!"
by sammo tm October 09, 2015
The point where you are on a trip from any mind altering substances and you feel "connected" with one person or everyone in the room
Josh: Hey. Yeah you, bro, no one else here knows this but, you and I... Are vibing right now.

Me: Bro, lay off the shrooms...
by WritingTheWrong May 24, 2011
1. when someone is 'on your level',
2. the act of yelling or talking down to another person
1. hey, yo, after i took my pill, i was vibing with my girl
2. person 1: hey bitch you can't fuck up my shit so back the fuck off
person 2: bitch... quit vibing on a nigga
by BaBy G April 29, 2005
When you instantly righteously conversate with someone epic and new. Whether via the web or in person. In person is the absolute best.
She is so fine and we were vibing so good!
by ScorpioIndigo1111 May 23, 2016
Feeling chill vibes from head to toe
Person 1: yo you look so chill

Person 2: yeah bro I'm totally Vibing
by Tbhwtf May 16, 2016
1. Feeling someone's vibes or overall aura. Liking a person.

2. Synonym for wheelin or flirting.

person 1: I'm really vibing this group of people we're chilling with!

person 2: Me too! Im gonna invite them to my next party!


Helen: Me and Andrew are just vibing, nothing serious.

Andrew: I'm really vibing you tonight gurrlll, wanna fuck?

wheelin fuck sex murked
by ellabellaloveshelen April 14, 2016
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