masturbating with a vibrator.
gregory p. mctitties: Hey virginia lets have sex!!
virginia-may buttfuck: I dont need you and your average ppenis gregory. im vibin' tonite.
by sayRAH! May 28, 2009
Verb: To vibe is to be in a bad mood, and be very obvious about it, but not say whats wrong, and continuously have a passive-agressive tone that is unenjoyable to everyone else.
Matt: Whats wrong?
Addie:Oh, nothing...
Matt: Addie, your VIBIN!
Addie:STOP! Im not VIBIN!
by mattelenz January 23, 2011
verb - Vibin occurs btwn a male and a female. Its more than flirting but less than actually talking. Vibing may involve no physical contact or much physical contact but is not a one night stand. Vibing usually lasts anywhere from a day to 3 and a half weeks. Anythhing longer may result in complecations.
Vibing only can occur when both members of the opposing gender are "vibin".When only one is vibin and the other is talking much problem can occur.
Taylor: "damn paris..were you just vibin that guy??"
Paris: "hell yea you know we we're vibin!"
by ohtaylorrr April 12, 2007
receiving a vibration on your cell phone as in a text message, voicemail, or call; i.e, blowing up
Let me check my phone, I'm vibin
by Heather McGinn September 08, 2008
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