A channel that used to be the superior music channel on TV, but has degenerated into a horrible ripoff of MTV, turning into an inane mass of awful reality shows involving celebrities that nobody has ever heard of, largely watched by mindless, slutty bubblegum-chewing 13 year old girls.

There are three types of shows on VH1 nowadays. First, the wacky life of a celebrity as he goes about his daily business with his entourage, who don't appear to have any responsibility other than to ride the celebrity's coattails where ever he goes and use his stuff. The drama in these shows consist of arguing about which person living in their house ate the celebrities paperbagged lunch in the fridge, when he CLEARLY marked his name on it. Next, the wacky reality show where celebrities get together and take do various things, such as going through rehab and losing weight, while making fun of them each step along the way. For example, when Steven Adler, trying to stay clean from heroin which has controlled and ruined his life for the last 25 years, has a scary and sad relapse on the show Sober House, VH1 calls it a "wild adventure" even though he was so fucked up he couldn't open his eyes or stop shaking. Classy. Then, there's the wacky show that shows a celebrity's search for a trophy wife, which is narrowed down to 12 questionably attractive golddiggers searching for an endless supply of money and a powerful man. This currently consists of at least half of the shows currently airing on VH1.
Jack: Man, I'm in the mood for some music, lets turn on VH1
*I Love New York comes on*
Jack: What the fuck is this? A spinoff of a reality celebrity dating show where the celebrity is a contestant from a previous celebrity dating show that didn't win? This blows!
by jesterATP November 26, 2009
Top Definition
its a channel that viacom created after they realized people grow out of mtv when their balls drop.
viacom owns:
nickelodeon- for the kiddies
mtv- for the pre teens and teens
vh1- for twenty to thrity somethings
cbs- for the old folks.

they own you.
by tyler March 05, 2004
a better channel than MTV, but still kinda shitty sometimes. I mean, come on! who fucking wants some british guy ranting on about the "FABULOUS LIVES OF *insert rich annoying celebrity here*" But still has awesome shows. Like, I Love The 80's, 70's and 90's. Also, Behind The Music is good, when it talks about the right people. Best Week Ever is ok. Now on to the bad shows.
Awesomely Bad:...great, i dont give a fuck
Some red carpet show: go die right now i dont care.
Some OTHER red carpet show: see above
VH1 has way too many List shows. Top 40 *insert random thing here* of all time, Top 100 *insert something else here* of all time
VH1: Behind The Music: Guns N' Roses Ok, ill watch that

GODDAM IT! *flips to comedy central
by TruthSpeaker July 19, 2004
anything is better then MTV, anything.
i dont want to die of watchins shows about pop and rap all day so i fliped to a channel, and hey it was VH1. I guess i could watch this instead.
by shapy July 18, 2003
Stands for Video Hits One. A second music video channel started by MTV in 1985. Originally hyphenated as "VH-1" until 1994. Currently owned by Viacom, who also owns MTV, CBS, Showtime, and Nickelodeon.
While VH1 doesn't show many videos, it does more interesting stuff like "I Love The 70's/80's" unlike that boring, predictable, and fake reality TV crap shown on MTV.
by star8706 November 07, 2003
Better than MTV eventhough there both owned by the same company
At least Vh1 plays music videos and has no TRL
by Alicia July 01, 2003
A station all about music and entertainment. Unlike the shithole MTV, they actually have good programming and they play good music!
Also, unlike MTV, they do not claim to be all about music, which gives them the right to show awesome programming like I Love the 80's.
by Flint October 31, 2003
The channel MTV should of been. VH1 has a good variety of shows that have to do with music! MTV is like satan reincarnated into a "music" channel. oops! I mean a "reality" TV channel.
MTV, TRL, The Real World, and Road Rules all suck A$$! I want my VH1!
by Alex Clark January 05, 2004
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