VGL = Video Games Lounge. A chat room that has existed in the AOL Video Games section for many years in which about 20 people--fluctuating off and on--called "home." Renmazuo, DarkstalkrR (Gamearts), Wren(Random#s), EVAUNITII, RyuuKotei, Soul4ger were just a few of its members. The chat room existed since at least 1996 (and possibly before that time). Its rival, "The War Room" (ANT AOL) started a few years after. It is unknown whether VGL still exists today, and who--or what--is currently occupying it...
Otaku said it best: A nut house.
by Dark May 05, 2005
Top Definition
very good looking ... used almost exclusively by people who are generally not particularly so
GWM 6'0 7 C VGL ISO GWM IQ not required
by kevgg March 01, 2004
this is an acronym for vaginally good lover and is used as:

a) an offensive term for a man who has an incalculable amount of one-night stands with women and all he cares about is only vaginally pleasing these women, of course at a detriment not only to anal and oral sex for these women (since not all women like only vaginal sex) but also to his own sexual pleasure and gratification

b) used as a neutral term in female-only conversations or bachelorette parties to denote a male lover who is generally overall great in bed.
two women in conversation:

woman a) how was your craigsnight?

woman b) horrible. the bastard i hooked up with for a one-night stand was such a VGL
by sexydimma January 18, 2012
VGL: Abbreviation for Video Games Live. Where a "professional" orchestra plays noise from your favorite games such as Donkey Kong, Math Blaster and Tetris.

Equivalent to paying 100 dollars to hear your gameboy color in front of a microphone.
Bob: You're going to the VGL? Hell I'd rather go play my Yellow Version Pokemon than bleed my ears out.
by Kyogredawg May 28, 2009
A chatroom on AOL that even the people who wrote the first few definitions use to sit in and complain about nothing in particular. Usually trying to annoy other people in the room. They would still be in there, but I am guessing they decided that talking about Square games and imaginary friends just wasn't annoying enough so they left.
NAH MEAN?! I no,right?
by Pent February 01, 2004
The point of no return. The final refuge for the rejected, ignored and mentally disturbed.

Also see "Nut House"
"VGL? Kill yourself."
by PSX Otaku March 26, 2003
A gathering of ignorant losers that are aliented in a chat room owned by AOL. Their members include a stalker, a child molestor, and all around nerds. Their definition of "cool" revolves around games that no one has ever heard of, or cared for. They lead a dead-end life.
"You're a member of VGL? Please refrain from speaking to me, you ingrate."
by Tsing March 26, 2003
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