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a gay wanna be like "Virtual Magic Kingdom" copy that doesn't teach you anything and makes you pay for almost the whole game
Virtual Family Kingdom/VFK was almost suied
by MattC3 February 14, 2009
22 36
Virtual family kingdom.
A mmorpg made by Virtual Management Consulting.
It was made to replace virtual magic kingdom (VMK)
Girl 1: OMG I just became a founder on VFK!
Girl 2: Wat VFK?
Girl 1: An awesome game!
by tiedyegirl January 11, 2009
32 17
Vagina Face Killa. A real rager who is always TCOBing
"Yo, have you seen VFK?"

"Yeah, he passed out early in the other room with some beezie."

by VFK May 07, 2009
11 15