A place where pre-pubescent teenagers linger with nothing better to do rather than talk about buttseckz on an online message board.
The epitome of stupidity? That would be the Vestibule.
by DmB April 27, 2003
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The free board of IGN . Some of the most common topics are "Buttseckz" , "I just got owned" and and ofcourse "face_plain"
"LEik OMg !1!!!1!11 Y HaLO ThaR BUTtSECKz ??? iM TOTal 1337 !!!11!11
by J to the R-O-C September 07, 2003
The source of all ignorance. Most noticeably, the home of pr0n riots, masturbation, and questions dealing with "clits" and "vaginas".
This is the vestibule of message boards.
by carlmmii April 08, 2003
Where uninformed prepubescent nerds get ego trips because of high post counts.

Also known as "Der Pinklegrube" and "I Like Cookies And Cream"
Someone set us up the vestibule
by Dickface August 04, 2004
The best board on the net
teh buttsecks!!!111!!!

The vestibule ro><ors my bo><ers
by Teh Buttsecks July 04, 2003
The off topic message board of IGN. A mixture of heated debates on the topic of religion, politics etc. over reactions to recent news events, rampant trolling, comic threads, and bitching about why you cant get laid complimented by a large amount of spam.
Hey man have you been posting on the vestibule tonight?
by roboticmrhelloo April 26, 2009
1. The place where all evil and spam reigns, usually accompanied by Butseckez, Goatse, and Tubgirl.
2. Hell
Only on the Vesstibule.
by KelleyBelley June 13, 2003
A free trial message board of IGN.com. Known for inordinate activity and levels of spam.
"I was posting on the Vestibule the other day."

"Have you been to the Vestibule recently?"
by Christopher Simonson December 09, 2003

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