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an asian person who drives a vespa. if female, probably a lesbian.
Dude 1: check out that vespasian over there, she's totally hot!
Dude 2: don't bother man, she doesn't climb buoys.
by pancez0r December 05, 2009
A Vietnamese female who is a terrible driver and road hog. A late 20's early 30's year old Vietnamese woman with an office job, eyeglasses, nice clothing who drives around Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City on a stylish Vespa, Piaggio, or a clone. The bike is way to big for her and she cannot control it even at normal speed. In stop and go traffic of dodgy rush hour traffic she is a hazard to all.
During rush hour the Hanoi streets are now clogged with Vespasian in short skirts trying to balance on their tiny wheels.
by Juan B Tong March 25, 2013
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