vespa is a dirty scummy bastard, kiddy flidling fuckers. who should leave kids ALONE
by Hans & Simon August 21, 2008
1) A vehicle that you will drive, but tell no one that you do

2) Someone that you would fuck, but not tell anyone you did
1) I don't drive a Vespa!

2) Sure, I'll fuck you, you damn Vespa
by Fraser November 13, 2004
An Easter egg delivering queer chariot. these are the choosen steed of the born again scooterist in a mid-life crisis often over adorned in cheap and nasty chrome products,lights,mirrors,easter eggs and shod in white wall ditch finder tyres made in eastern europe making the 125cc engine even less powerful than an african child with malnutrition& TB.These fishtail parka wearing freaks are sniggered at by both members of the public and proper scooterist alike.

The most widely available is the PX which has been around in 1 form or another for about nearly 30 years. However to see one this old is pretty rare as they have either been hacked to bits and turned into cutdowns or a rat bike or at the 1st sign of rust they roll over and pack it in a bit like France in 1940. Surprisingly for a machine made a by an Italian company who made war products it has no high speed reverse gear or even a reverse gear come to think of it. Although the sad twats who put them into vans and drive them to scooter rallies instead of riding them there would probaly appreciate one.

Can normally be found disintergrating in a garage/garden near you
Hello sailor I ride a gayer's bike a Vespa and like northern soul I wish I had a proper mans scooter a Lambretta
Any one whishing to ride one of these should be shot on the spot at once
by Davy MacLean January 11, 2006
Slow, bad handling cult machine, recently popularised by sad advertising men without an original idea between them.

Or a form of transport favoured by scooterboys
Look at the rust on that Vespas mudgurd.
by FB from October 15, 2003

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