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one who is very talented at all sports and balances school work with freinds perfectly.
WOW! michael verdi is so cool and good at sports.
by Blair Burger March 05, 2003
one who buys a crappy old mercedes and tints it faggot purple
1. dude look at that old crappy mercedes with faggot puple tints
2. that guys a smelly verdi
3. heard that
by smellyverdihater October 02, 2010
1.verdi is a vagina

2. verdi loves vagina

by scantbucket August 25, 2008
(adj) When you want to say "verga" but you can`t, you can always disguise it as verdi
Verdi!, that was a close one

I´m the most verdi guy alive.

(After someone falls really hard) Verdis!
by Chuy Romo July 31, 2006
A Verdi is someone who is very dirty and doesnt take showers, they usually smell quite bad. they especially have greasy hair and are rather obese
guy1: dude whats that smell?
guy2: thats me
guy1: dude ur such a Verdi
by baby face giles February 12, 2009
flamming homosexual
Verdi and John in the shower
by Adolf HatesHomos March 05, 2003
a complete failure at all aspects of life.
that michael verdi sucks so bad at everything
by hurricane schmuck December 15, 2003

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