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someone who talks about getting with people / liking different people / different people liking them / people asking them out all the time (but they aren't necessarily a slut IRL )
they also don't necessarily wear scandalous clothes
person a: jane always talks about how she's always getting with guys!! its kinda annoying
person b: yeah, what a verbal slut

Jane the verbal slut:
day 1: omg yesterday bob asked me out but i said no sorry were better off as friends!! i feel so bad
day 2: omg tyrone and i were snap chatting all night and his friend told me that tyrone would get with me!! what should i do???
day 3: tyrone is kinda an ass i hate him. but uk james is pre hot
by wishfulballer9 April 01, 2015
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a girl who pertends to be your friend to get with your friend
liz:hi tom
Tom:hi liz
Liz: whos your friend over there
Tom: its fred he is new
Liz: i`m gonna ask him out
Tom: your such a verbal slut
by shannon house June 20, 2007
a girl who pretends to be ur friend so she can go out with your friends
hi liz your such a verbal slut
by shannon house June 20, 2007

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