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The therapeutic use of profuckingfanity (as invented and mastered by Mental Health Verbal Release Therapy). Based on the philosophy that one's ability to *verbally release frustrations may help to keep them out of jail...or, at the very least, make them feel less "stabby" towards others.

*profanity absofuckinglutely required
I wanted to kick that twatwaffling skankaroni right in the taco, but I used verbal release therapy instead. Now I can spend my unused bail money on something nice for myself.

Verbal release therapy allows me to tell you what a cuntpletely fucking worthless narcissistic douchelicker you are without incurring a physical assault charge! This shit really fucking works!

The only things keeping me from throat punching you are mental health verbal release therapy and my distain for the color prison orange.
by Betty Humptur February 19, 2014
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