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1. The period spoken at the end of a sentence uttered by a moron or rhetorical hack.

2. Useful punctuation in writing. A grating rhetorical device in speaking.

Person 1: Alan Thicke is the sexiest man alive, period!

Person 2: Nice verbal period, moron.

Person 1: Oh, shit, I thought I was typing that sentence to you. I realize writing and speaking are two completely different things, but I often forget which one I'm in the middle of, because I'm a fucking moron.


Person 3: This aggression will not stand! Period!!!

Person 4: Good, I'm glad you used a verbal period, because otherwise the only clue I'd have that your sentence was over would be the pause after your last word. And pauses are so hard to discern.
by Turban Friction Dandy March 03, 2011
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