any words a person uses to cause hurt feelings that are not necessary
boy you are stupid!
by janet November 28, 2003
Top Definition
To abuse without physical contact, but simply by using words and insults.
"Your dad's a lesbian named Vicky!" - Verbal Abuse.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 02, 2003
The only language my mom knows.
Examples of Verbal Abuse-

Tommy:"Hey mom, guess what I did today."

Mom:"I don't care and shut the fuck up, my shows are on"

Tommy:"Fuck my life"
by HERO Phoenix September 23, 2010
Rhymes that are so incredibly good. The person who these rhymes are directed towards will feel pain just by the shear depth and phatness of the rhymes themselves.
Thug 1: Heads know that this chump is gonna get whalloped by the epic verses that Q-Tip will spit.
Thug 2: Fo' real. The verbal abuse inflicted upon that Sucka MC will be severe.
by QueueTip February 28, 2006
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