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A tongue piercing that puts two long barbells close to the tip of the tongue to resemble "fangs" like on a venomous snake.
"Wow! Johnny's venom piercing sure is scary!"
by invictus February 19, 2004
20 28
the ultimate metal band, solely responsible for the creation of Black Metal.
Some people say that black sabbath gave birth to metal, and metallica raised it. this is not true, VENOM were formed before metallica, and paved the way for today's real, black metal, which is way better than any of the americanised crap that metallica paved the way for.
by MaximusCoolman April 08, 2004
29 39
top of everything he does. liked by everyone he meets. supreme in every way.
whoa hes the venom!
by venom December 21, 2003
12 28
a male body part located in the lower portion of their bodys also known as penis, dick,pee pee, wee wee,ect.
guy1: yo son that girl is askin 4 some venom wearin dat shit!

guy2: true true......GODDDDD DAMMMMNNNN!!!
by sir professor nobby bottoms October 25, 2006
4 22
Stat whore
Can you believe how much of a venom that guy is being?
by anonymous July 29, 2003
5 28
rubbing your fingers between your sweaty butt crack and wipeing it under someone's nose
Damn!!! Eric held me down and gave me VENOM
by Sara Martinez August 04, 2003
7 33