adjective: rebellious, revolutionary, carefree
verb: being rebellious, not giving a damn about anything but doing what you gotta do to succeed.

very complex.

being successful but being unique in their own style.

Very creative people, enjoy life. Go with the flow of life, instead of planning ahead or worrying about the future.
"that dude right there gets wasted every damn weekend, but he has a 3.5 gpa, what the hell???"
"dont act like you dont care whats going on, you usually dont act that venice"
"that dude is so chill, hes just venice about life"
by Vapo Rizer February 21, 2010
A town in West Central Florida. It is a very artsy town, with lots of old retired people living in it. The retirees think they've lived here all their life, so they think they have to complain to the city council when a bulding is too high, or some "young folks" are out skateboarding. They generally drive like shit and think they have the rights to everything, whether it be a good parking spot at Publix or right of way on the roads. Venice has a small airport also.
The old people complained to the city council that the proposed 2 story building was two and a half inches above the height maximum.
by rapsux May 06, 2005
a high school in venice, california. home of the gondoliers. it is less than a mile away from the beach, where everyone goes. venice breakwater is full of surfers and skaters
boy: hey lets paddle out tomorrow
venice kid: ya lets go. i get outa skewl at 3. i'll just take my board 2 venice
by venice kid October 06, 2007
A really hot girl that like to have sex with anyone.
she can also help you perfrom Sexual intercorse and help you learn how to kiss.
Guy 1:"Hey man have you been laid yet"
Guy 2:"No"
Guy 1:"You should go talk to Venice, she can hook you up"
by Jelly Belly Boo January 08, 2009

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