A drum made in Venice.
Man, boost the mids on the Venetian snare. It's barely cutting through the mix with all that accordion.
by Matt May 22, 2004
Top Definition
1. Frankly incredible mash up of noise, jungle, shouting, breaks, unidentified breaking objects and Stevie Wonder on ketamine driving at 400mph down the M1 projectile vomiting to the sound of his own music played at 10 times the normal speed. Venetian Snares has managed to capture the essence of some of the world's most violent massacres and translate them into a whole funk collector's collection worth of number one break core hits! Absolutely imperative listening.

2. Simply put, the greatest electronic music artist ever, comparable to
Jesus Christ in skill, although in unrelated fields of work.

3. a.k.a. Aaron Funk
Venetian Snares!?! I'd be gay for that dude.
by anonymous May 04, 2004
Venetians Snares makes truly unique music. It's good if you're high at the time, or partially drunk. Yes, partially. It isn't very bad... but it isn't very good either. Most of the songs sound rushed... Maybe a little to crazy for my taste.
Don't get me wrong, VS makes decent music... but I'm sticking with Aphex Twin.
by Kuley April 15, 2005
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