an adjective known to prople with a speech impetiment
do you know ven he will be home?
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
Top Definition
the acknowledgement of a favour; an increase in value resulting from shared area; when related to venn diagrams, the overlap among two shared circles; a peer-to-peer digital currency used broadly for the exchange of knowledge and favors; the swedish word for friend
I sent ven for hooking me up.

What's that worth in ven?

Just ven me
by Kaskaad Splash October 13, 2008
Dutch boy name or short for Venus. Usually adventurous, independent, misterious and badass. Very attractive people too have this name.
"Did you see Ven at the party last nighy? She looked hot af."
"Girl, I have like the biggest crush on Ven but he's so misterious it's so hard to kniw if he likes me too."
by vr. January 21, 2016
Racial slur for a person from Venezuela.
Look at that stupid-ass Ven over there,
by sligoman91 February 17, 2010
adjective to mean about when
ven will he be home
by rev DJ July 21, 2003
see 2nd def of Vengeance
look at the other example for vengeance lazy
by Ven August 24, 2004
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