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Getting a blow job from a woman or man who has removed a full set of dentures. A toothless blow job.
She removed the set of dentures from her mouth and proceeded to give Jason's cock the best "velveteen rub" it has ever experienced.
by NickInHudson April 01, 2006
When a woman with dentures removes the dentures to perform oral sex on a man. AKA a gum job or gummer.
That trailer trash skank I hooked up with last night popped her dentures out and gave me a velveteen rub!
by manormonkey? February 08, 2009
founded in the movie soul men.

when a old lady gives a blow job without out any teeth.
i got a velveteen rub by my girls mom.

i was at a party last night, and i got a velveteen rub by my homeboys grandma and i liked it.

dude the old lady that lives in front of me gave me an orgasm when she gave me a velveteen rub.
by Lil Natural High September 05, 2009
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