Velvet Revolver- the best friggin band ever and whoever hates them can go to friggin hell. For an example dude...has put some def. on this sight that just aren't right. They are great musicians with awesome talent who have made it to the very friggin top of the charts. Long live Slash,Matt,Dave,Duff,and Scott! the real duecsh bag, not Dave!
In loving memory of Drac Sorum.
by VR girl April 02, 2005
Top Definition
BEST THING SINCE Guns N' Roses! They are friggen awsome. Their guitarist is the BEST in the world :P
SLASH OWNS ALL!!! Slash=Guitarist
by RICHARD FUCKIN BREAULT! August 23, 2004
rock band fronted by ex-stone temple pilot Scott Weiland, three ex-gunners, & david kushner. will release their debut record "contraband" on june 8th & is hoped to be a success. only thing is, Weiland needs to quit f*cking up.
by Carrie April 17, 2004
The best band ever!!! Two awesome bands put together (Guns N' Roses + Stone Temple Pilots = Velvet Revolver!!!) Even if they were not from two other well known bands they would still rock!!! :)
Slash, Duff, and Scott are hott!!! And are great musicans!!!
by Jackie January 15, 2005
an extremely hairy penis that can some times result in rug-burned hands
damn! that velvet revolver looked like my ferret for a second!!
by defjamthecohnartist February 18, 2009
An ok band in terms of the music they play, made up from rejects from two good bands: Guns N' Roses and STP (well ok ONE good band). Scott Weiland is a fuckin twat who deserves to be beaten several times with a flaming 2 x 4 for creatin an ok band from a great band, the prick
Velvet revolver kiss gnr's ass anyday
by Axel Prose September 25, 2006
The reason I can no longer talk about one of my favorite bands, Velvet Underground, without some idiot mentioning Scott Weiland's new band.
Myself, talking to my friend: So did you listen to that Velvet Underground record yet?
Fool or clueless girl out of nowhere: Oh, that band with Scott Weiland and Slash?
by Revolver July 25, 2004
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