The Velvet Hammer is a women leader or professor who can manage with grace and eloquence and still get things done. She is very tough on her underlings, but fair and brilliant. She is also very beautiful and probably will save/rule the world one day.
Oh man, did you see the requirements for that final paper she has us doing?? That woman is the Velvet Hammer!
by Janey D August 07, 2009
Top Definition
When a man takes his errect penis, and bounces it off the forehead or mouth of a woman.
He gave her a velvet hammer, right before he blew his load.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
A velvet hammer is a marketing tactic; a scheme wherein your customer gets his customers or suppliers to pay for the product you are selling.
Imagine that you are a publisher of specialty magazines. Your customers are large building contractors. You are attempting to sell a new prospect, United Residential Homes, the idea that they should publish a monthly magazine about their company. This will not cost United anything. You will sell advertising in the magazine to United's suppliers: plumbers, electricians, painters, interior decorators, etc. However, you expect United to call these suppliers and lean on them to cooperate with your salesmen. This is called the "velvet hammer."
by Stephen2 December 10, 2007
A very soft hammer. It would not hurt if someone smacked you around with it.
by person yo-yo July 24, 2003
drinkers of "Hey GuY" beer, often found vomitting into frying pans and local drinking establishments in Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. XX: Zippy, Duck, Rat, Sherwood, Paint Tray
"holee fuck whats on my shoe?"
"..oh that, thats the Velvet Hammer baby"
by sherwood April 30, 2003
A "Velvet Hammer" is a commonly termed euphemism for a pulled muscle, typically from aggressive, consensual water sex.
Man, she got totally velvet hammered last night in the jetted tub.
by psoas September 20, 2009
A sweet or soft drink topped off with a shot of everclear.
Give him a Velvet Hammer, it's his 21st birthday.
by Highball June 03, 2016
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