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1. a weird david bowie song that rocks
2. a sexual organ
3. the coolest movie ever
i watched velvet goldmine for the five billionth time this morning
by mayura October 23, 2003
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possibly the greatest movie of all time
that Only cool people like

the world has changed because you are made of ivory and gold , the curves of your lips rewrite history
artistic beautiful movie with a great soundtrack
by kane February 23, 2005
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A song written and performed by David Bowie. Contrary to what other's may believe. The "Velvet Goldmine" in question is another man's mouth fellating Bowie. The song Velvet Goldmine has nothing to do with vagina, pussy, or poontang. The song was allegedly re-written to be more ambiguous about the sexual encounter. The song is only available on re-releases or best of compilations.
"Velvet Goldmine, you stroke me like the rain.
Snake it, take it, panther princess you must stay.
Velvet Goldmine, naked on your chain.
I'll be your king volcano right for you again and again."
by daverj August 28, 2006
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fuken excellent movie!! placebo, ewan mcgragor, jonathan rhys myers and chrstian bale are in it! definatley check it out if ur an old music fan!!
by ImSoRotten December 11, 2003
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i cannot describe to you how amazing this film is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Omg we have so gotta go home and watch Velvet Goldmine and slather over Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers gettin' it owwwnn!!!"
by Nezzy March 31, 2005
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Term for a woman's sexual parts, ie the vagina.

The title of an excellent glam-rock era David Bowie song about a woman's genitalia.
Julia's velvet goldmine was dripping so wet that Winston could fit his entire fist into it.
by Angelo Chapman August 04, 2006
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