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Originates from the tamil word by the same name and pronunciation, very popular with urban north indian youth (pretty unaware of its southern origin) . the word is used to point out a good for nothing, 'loser with all the time in the world' sort of a person.

sala vella...purre din meeting meeting khelta hai!
by Anvita September 26, 2006
Filthy, Act of Dirty Sexual Nature, Shameful Acts All For a Root
hey man did you hear about that guy who did a vella to that chick in the disable toilets?
by Jeremy Jenkina March 05, 2009
Having its roots in northern INDIA it refers to being in a state of total joblessness
Eg 1:
bakku: yaar teri file complete ho gyi hai to meri file main diagrams bana de bhai please !
sardar: m2l2, itna vella nahi huin main.
by bakchodlauda April 20, 2011
absolutely free, nothing to do, bored
i am absolutely vella dude...
by nagendra nayak s April 04, 2008
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