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Veleakas are among some of the most fabulous people in the world. Smart, muliti taskers by nature, tend to not be able to shut the fuck up especially when nervous, but unique in their own right. Veleakas are the type of people who must stand out and be the center of attention at all times. Can be slightly spoiled and self centered but usually giving to others as well. Although your ideas will never be as good as their own they will probably be sure to ask for youre thoughts anyway!
"Girl what color of toenail polish should I go wit?".."Oh pink..hmm I was thinking red..yea definately goin with the red!" Ill do pink next week!" Thanks anyway Shaniquewa that pink looks better on yo toes anyway girl!!"

That Veleaka sure is smart and boy can she talk!! Veleakas are the shiznit!!
by Veleaka lover February 03, 2010

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