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vegetarianism is an alternative away of life that don't allows people to eat meet and fish. Some people follows it by ethical reasons, others follows it for health reasons. Do'nt forget that with a vegetarian diet you consume proteins that are mostly in meet and fish but you don't consume the fat that eat and fish normally have. and following vegetarianism you are avoiding killing animals.
Charles is vegetarian. He follows the vegetarianism.
by KeKeWinhA November 05, 2006
The subject of conversation that people use to bribe you into feeling bad about yourself,because vegetarians are often thought badly of,but are actually doing what they know is right.
They avoided talking about vegetarianism to avoid embarrassment.
by SomeoneNew March 07, 2012
Is an alternative way of life for dipshits who are to dumb to eat
Mary is a vegatarian. In other words a she suffers from vegetarianism.
by Craig Robertas March 07, 2008
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