Someone who is lean under the optimal gorging conditions of a rich 1st world nation and often noticeably starving in most 3rd world nations.

Yeah its almost impossible for most people to get fat for lean times on a vegetarian diet. So vegetarian usually spells rich or at least well to do.
Pay attention junior burglar, an experienced thief can measure someone's wealth by watching the diet they eat. Regular fast food burgers means poor and a varied healthy vegetarian diet means loaded.

Its a rare Somalian who survives as a vegetarian. Red Cross suggestions be damned a pound of cow goes as far as 3-4 pounds of rice. And stringy cow is almost as easily available since they can survive and grow on dusty grass.
by Humans are meat February 15, 2010
A person whose diet consists mostly of vegetation. They do not eat meat because they believe killing animals for meat is immoral/mean/etc.
Not to hate, but let's just face it: In the end, vegetarians are just stupid people who fail to realize that plants are just as much alive as animals. (Including insects and humans) So, the thing is, no matter what, every animal (including humans) ALWAYS HAS TO kill SOMETHING to get food, unless their diet consists of nothing but dairy and stuff.
by dragongirl253 July 30, 2012
Someone who doesn’t eat meat products. Vegans don’t eat any animal products

One issue is vitamin B-12 deficiency, which is a necessary nutrient found only in animal foods. Vitamin B-12 pills are poorly absorbed. No 100% vegetarian population exists, except for India which eats lots of dairy.

Protein is okay in vegetarian diets, but Zinc is low. The recommended dietary allowance for Zinc is 11 mg daily, but due to anti-nutrients in seeds, the vegetarian requirement is 15 mg. Vegetarians usually do not consume enough zinc.

But it has health benefits over the standard diet because we eat less fruits and vegetables. Anthropological/nutritional evidence shows that we should eat mostly plants with some animal products. Our hominid species evolved to eat red meats, but only during successful hunts and probably not daily.

Vegetarians choose this diet to avoid causing pain to animals. However, the U.S. Humane Slaughter Act requires animals to be painlessly knocked unconscious before slaughter. Rubbing the belly of a crab knocks it unconscious before cooking. Oysters arguably feel no pain. Fish poisons such as Jamaican Dogwood are non-toxic to humans but painlessly sedate and kill fish.

Vegetarians also believe that it takes more energy to grow meat than to grow plants, but this isn’t true for grass fed meat. Fish farming can be more sustainable than extra plants for vegetarians if managed to avoid overfishing. Oyster farms are good for ecosystems.
I choose to be a vegetarian because it's morally, nutritionally, and environmentally superior to a meat-based diet.
by Dr. Cordain February 24, 2011
a person woh eats no meat or poultry products. and on most parts wears no fur or leather. NOT THE SAME THING AS A VEGAN!
a: "oh. so you're vegan?"
b: "uhh. o im a vegetarian. they are two completly different things"
by the little mermaid July 12, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, the word "Vegetarian" refers to individuals who have proudly given Vegeta a blowjob. Therefore, Vegetarians are actually quite fond of meat.
You're the first person I've ever met who wasn't a vegetarian.
by no, the other guy January 07, 2012
Indian word for "Lazy Hunter."
Fast Turtle: "Look at chief Big Hut over there, he hasn't provided food in days..."

Dumb Parrot: "He is turning into quite the Vegetarian."
by Mcheco July 21, 2010
Someone who doesn't eat meat. Meat can be taken out of context when defining this word.
Guy: Hey, can I have a blowjob? We've been going out for a month

Girl: Sorry, I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat.
by FALCON PUNCHHHHH January 27, 2009

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