An ancient derogatory term for an idiot who cannot hunt nor fish.
Modern day usage:
Tom: 'Whats 9+10?'
Jack: '21!'
Jack: 'chuckl'd.'
by theretortstand. December 01, 2014
Vegetarians are people who are so against the killing of animals for food, that they condemn themselves to eating vegetables for the rest of their lives.
Carnivorous Person: Hey man want some bacon?

Vegetarian: Sorry, I don't like the fact that someone killed the animal that it came from, therefore I will continue to eat this lettuce leaf
by 1nfinitycraft November 30, 2013
A person who does not eat nor do they believe in eating meat, fish or fowl. They're often devoted to or advocating this practice.
Person A: "Want a hambuger?"
Person B: "Nah, I'm a vegetarian."
by literatehuman May 08, 2010
an amazing person who has the self control to not eat meat, which is viciously slaughtered in filthy surroundings. a vegetarian is someone who believes animals have the right to live and do not deserve to be exploited for their meat. meat eaters are terribly selfish, simple minded people who do not know what goes in in slaughterhouses. there are laws that allow slaughterhouse animals certain rights, and slaughterhouses often overlook these laws until they are caught. the sadistic and disturbed workers take their frustrations out on the animals in absolutely malicious ways.

oh and for the guy that commented about how plants are living organisms so being vegetarian is pointless... YOU need to read a biology book. vegetarians do not eat ANIMALS, no one ever said anything about organisms... plants may be organisms but they DO NOT feel pain, and they are not animals in any form, they feed through photosynthesis, divide their cells by mitosis (not meiosis as animals do), and THEY ARE COMPOSED OF COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KIND OF CELLS THAN ANIMALS. (plant cells have a large central vacuole, cell wall, and chloroplasts.)


here is just ONE disgusting company that abuses animals... KFC!!!!
"Employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken, one of the biggest fast-food chains of poultry, were caught in July 2004, torturing their chickens for fun. Workers were videoed stomping on chickens, kicking them, and slamming them violently against floors and walls. Workers also ripped the animals' beaks, twisted their heads off, spray-painted their faces, and squeezed the chickens' bodies until they would die."

by greenandgreener April 20, 2010
An evil type of person that takes joy in murdering helpless fruits, vegetables, and other nonmeat products that can't run away. These peopleare so selfish, that they would rather substitute a helpless carrot for a tasty cheeseburger.
Everytime I see a vegetarian eating a salad, i think: "My god!!! That head of lettuce had no chance..."
by floppers16 December 27, 2009
people who believe, for health reasons, that eating American-sized portions of meat contributes to heart disease and other disgusting ways to die

... and/or

people who believe, for moral reasons, that we should not eat other living things with brains and nervous systems

... not to be confused for people who claim that we were "designed" to eat only vegetables (and by the way, not all vegetables have cellulose, you big fat poser), or people who "kill plants" (even if eating plants were morally wrong on any level, at the very least, vegetarians - even part-time ones - are less murderous than full-time meateaters)
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Someone who is lean under the optimal gorging conditions of a rich 1st world nation and often noticeably starving in most 3rd world nations.

Yeah its almost impossible for most people to get fat for lean times on a vegetarian diet. So vegetarian usually spells rich or at least well to do.
Pay attention junior burglar, an experienced thief can measure someone's wealth by watching the diet they eat. Regular fast food burgers means poor and a varied healthy vegetarian diet means loaded.

Its a rare Somalian who survives as a vegetarian. Red Cross suggestions be damned a pound of cow goes as far as 3-4 pounds of rice. And stringy cow is almost as easily available since they can survive and grow on dusty grass.
by Humans are meat February 15, 2010

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